Getting in-home health care during a high risk pregnancy

If you are having a high-risk pregnancy you may be asked to go on bed rest. This can be very challenging for single mothers, or people whose partners work away or work longer hours. In-home health care can be a great solution in these cases. Here are some ways that in-home health care can help you to stay at home, where you are most comfortable, during this stressful time rather than needing to stay in hospital. 

Regular check-ups

Many of the reasons that you might be put on bed rest require regular medical checks such as daily monitoring of blood pressure for people with high blood pressure, monitoring of protein in the urine for people at risk of pre-eclampsia and checking on dilation for people at risk of preterm labour. In-home health care workers can do some of these medical checks with you and help to determine if there are any health issues that require further investigation by your obstetrician or caregiver. 

Transport to the health appointments

If you are on bed rest you will often need to attend regular scans and check-ups with your midwives or obstetric team. It can be very helpful to have a health care worker take you to the appointments so that you can be dropped right at the door of the clinic and you can have the least possible exertion to get to the appointments. (This is much easier than needing to organise parking if you drive, or negotiating public transport options). 

Help around the house

Whilst on bed rest you will still have the need to do certain work around the house, such as organising food and drinks for yourself, cleaning the house, washing and personal hygiene tasks and playing with any other children that you have at home. A home health care worker can do these tasks such as making sure you have drinks by your hand, organising your meals and helping out with the other household tasks. This can help you to stay in bed and rest as you need to, as well as making the time as restful and relaxing as possible. 

If you have a high-risk pregnancy and have been told to go on bed rest, but don't want to stay in the hospital for the whole time, in-home health care can be a great option to let you stay at home. Why not call a home health care provider to explore your options?