Top 4 symptoms that call for a back surgery

Back pain is one of the most common body ache problems causing 8 out of 10 people to experience back ache once in their lifetime. Although in many cases back pain may not cause serious health conditions, some can be very serious and may lead to an orthopaedic surgery. The problem with back pain is that unless you see a professional, it may be hard to identify whether you need a surgery or not. [Read More]

When to Seek Marriage Counselling

There is absolutely nothing wrong about going to see a marriage counsellor about your relationship issues. Although this might seem like a big step to take, the act of seeking help is in itself an indication that you want things to be better, and this is both an understandable and respectable desire. While in Australia approximately one in three marriages these days end in divorce, efforts at better communication and an openness about any problems a marriage may be having can help prevent your marriage from becoming part of that statistic. [Read More]

Proper Techniques and Footwear to Prevent Injury

Good orthopedic surgeons and sports podiatrist will always encourage the use of appropriate footwear to support whatever activity it is you are doing. In many gyms this has become even more important because the range of classes available means that the average running trainer isn't always the safest and most comfortable option. Preventing the need for surgery and treatment is easier than curing it and so proper  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes have become very popular in recent years because they combine both cardiovascular, and muscular strength and endurance (MSE) training. [Read More]

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Cure Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a condition that causes breathing to stop and start while sleeping. This significantly reduces the quality of sleep, leading to other health repercussions like depression and excessive tiredness during the day. Sleep apnoea is often caused or exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle. There are a number of simple changes that can make a huge difference, and it can be a good idea to try these before considering more extreme solutions. [Read More]