Getting in-home health care during a high risk pregnancy

If you are having a high-risk pregnancy you may be asked to go on bed rest. This can be very challenging for single mothers, or people whose partners work away or work longer hours. In-home health care can be a great solution in these cases. Here are some ways that in-home health care can help you to stay at home, where you are most comfortable, during this stressful time rather than needing to stay in hospital. [Read More]

Signs of Problems After You Have a Tooth Extracted

If you are having a tooth extracted, whether it is a molar, incisor, or wisdom tooth, it should be a routine procedure. The risk of having complications after an extraction is usually low, though there are some complications that might occur. It is important to know the potential problems so you know when to recognise them and can visit a dental hospital right away. Here are some different signs to look for. [Read More]

3 Drug-Free Treatment Options For Neck Pain

Neck pain is often caused by poor posture shifting your spine out of alignment and putting too much pressure on your spine. This can cause muscles to tighten and trap nerves. Repetitive strain injury from certain activities, such as working on a busy production line or using the handset of a phone for several hours a day, can also cause neck pain. Whatever the cause, doctors tend to offer painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs as a first-line treatment. [Read More]

Measures You Can Take to Help Your Loved Ones Get Used to Hearing Aids

Having someone close to you with hearing loss can be challenging. The first step you can take to help them is to ensure that they get hearing aids immediately. Aside from having to repeat yourself several times for them to understand you, hearing loss can cause balance problems in the patients. Accepting to wear hearing aids is a big step and getting used to them takes time. Your loved ones require your support to sail through the process smoothly. [Read More]