3 Surgical Techniques Used To Treat Kidney Cancer

It can be extremely hard to cope with the news that you have kidney cancer, but knowing your treatment solutions as soon as possible can help you fight this nasty disease. Surgery is sometimes an effective choice for kidney cancer treatment and bladder cancer treatment because it can remove the cancerous tumour effectively from your body. This guide shows you different surgical techniques used to treat kidney cancer.

Small Incisions Through Laparoscopy 

Laparoscopic surgery is one of the more modern kidney cancer treatment surgical methods. During this type of surgery, the doctor will make several small incisions in your body, as opposed to one big traditional surgery incision in your abdomen. Telescope devices are placed in these incisions to either remove the whole kidney or just the tumour. While this is a modern technique used, it may not always be the most feasible option based on a patient's individual condition. This surgery generally takes longer than a traditional surgery and requires doctors to be specifically trained.

Whole Kidney Removal Through Radical Nephrectomy

Radical nephrectomy surgery is an ideal technique to remove tumours that haven't spread beyond your kidney. This type of surgery may be undertaken for larger tumours, where the whole kidney, the tumour and adjoining tissues are removed. Adjoining tissues and lymph nodes affected or in danger of being affected are usually removed to prevent a relapse later. If the cancerous tumour has spread to certain parts of your blood vessels and adrenal gland, then they will be removed as part of the surgery. A radical nephrectomy surgery is sometimes the only kidney cancer treatment necessary for larger tumours that haven't spread to other parts of the body. This is usually performed as a traditional surgery.

Protection Of Kidney Through Partial Nephrectomy

A partial nephrectomy surgery involves surgical kidney cancer treatment to remove the present tumour. This surgery is different from radical nephrectomy surgery because it seeks to protect the normal functioning of your kidneys once the tumour has been removed and attempts to minimise the chances of any kidney diseases developing once surgery has been undertaken. This type of kidney cancer treatment is most effective for smaller tumours, as long as they have not spread to other parts of your body like the adrenal glands, lymph nodes and blood vessels. Patients typically recover quicker from this type of surgery without having to lose their kidneys completely. This is usually performed as a traditional surgery.

These different surgical techniques are typically used for kidney cancer treatment. You will need to discuss your personal situation with your doctor before ascertaining the right treatment for you.