Protecting your prescription reading glasses from scratches and marks

If you live a busy and active lifestyle you might find yourself needing to grab out your glasses while you are on the go. Here are some tips to make sure that your reading glasses don't get scratched and marked from use. 

Keep your prescription reading glasses in a (travel) case

Many people end up taking their reading glasses out of the case that they come in if it's too bulky. However, if you tend to tote your reading glasses around on hikes in order to read plaques, or to museums and galleries to read the fine print on artworks it can be worth asking the optometrist if they have some hardy streamlined travel cases. This can make it easier to keep your glasses in a case in your pocket or handbag and prevent them from getting scratched and damaged. 

Get a scratchproof coating added

If you plan to wear your glasses while doing some more active pursuits such as hiking or working in the garden it's easy to get your glasses scratched by twigs or small branches. Many optometrists offer a scratchproof coating for glasses which can keep your glasses protected from small issues and wear, and make sure that they continue to give your clear vision as you go about your normal activities. If you are doing more potentially dangerous activities such as working on metalworking equipment it's a good idea to opt for shatterproof safety glasses so that you don't inadvertently have reading glasses fail is use and cause injuries.   

Have multiple pairs of glasses in rotation

If you do find that you tend to be a little harsh on your reading glasses and they do end up showing signs of wear it can be useful to have multiple pairs of glasses in rotation, to minimise the wear on each pair. It can also be a good way to have glasses that are perfectly suited to each need, such as shaded reading glasses for your driving glasses and closer reading glasses for when you are doing fine activities such as looking at fine details in a painting. 

If you find that your prescription reading glasses are getting damaged and resulting in unclear vision it can be worth chatting to your optometrist. They can give you some advice on the best type of reading glasses to use in the activities that you participate in, as well as proper prescription glass care.