Different Types Of Anti-Aging Treatments You Could Consider

For some women, the onset of wrinkling on their face can prove to be alarming. As such, they will end up arming themselves with an array of anti-wrinkle creams to try to prevent the crow's feet from spreading or the laugh lines from deepening. However, aging is a natural progression, and you are bound to start noticing that you skin does not look as smooth as it was in your youth. If you would like more long-lasting results when it comes to anti-aging formulas, you should consider additional treatments to creams. The following are two anti-aging treatments you could consider to combat wrinkling.

Botox as an anti-aging treatment

One of the more popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures that both men and women are seeking to combat wrinkles is Botox. This anti-aging treatment procedure involves the injecting of botulinum toxin into the patients muscles. Although the botulinum is quite dilute, it still has the ability to block the neuro-signals that are passed onto the facial muscles instructing them to contract. These contractions are what make your skin on your forehead and around your eyes start to wrinkle. Botox is typically administered using a fine needle and usually will not require the administration of anaesthetic to the patient.

It should be noted that Botox treatments are not permanent though, as such you would have to schedule subsequent appointments to keep your face wrinkle-free. Individuals who are prone to muscular disorders are advised to steer clear from this type of anti-aging treatment.

Collagen as an anti-aging treatment

Another treatment option you can consider when seeking to restore your youthful appearance is collagen treatments. Collagen refers to a fibrous protein. It can be administered to you in two main ways. The first way of receiving collagen treatments in non-invasive. It involves regularly wearing collagen facemasks that will restore the normal amounts of collagen in your skin. It should be noted that these collagen masks are best suited to individuals with minimal wrinkling.

If you require more intensive anti aging treatment, then you could consider collagen injections. The doctor will directly inject collagen into the wrinkle skin to fill it up. A topical anaesthetic is usually used for this procedure to numb the patient's skin. Collagen injections would have to be administered on a scheduled timetable to retain the appearance of wrinkle-free skin.

If you're looking for an anti-wrinkle treatment other than creams, ask your doctor about the above procedures and see which one fits your needs.